Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taste Test

I made some killer homemade macaroni and cheese on Thursday and served the left-overs for dinner tonight. Witness my 4 year-old enjoying her macaroni and cheese:
For the record, in the Poppins household, homemade doesn't mean heating up a Kraft product. Here's the backstory. Homemade macaroni and cheese is usually a crowd pleaser and I wasn't in the mood for any arguments or whining. I had to take the girls in to get their flu shots earlier today and so neither one was feeling their best. When my older daughter complained that she didn't "like the taste of the cheese," I normally would have said "tough," or some other equally compassionate motherly words of wisdom. Instead I caved and rustled up some Easy Mac (which I have never made before and although it was easy, I can't believe I fed it to my child. Partly because right on the directions it says: "Note: you will see loose white powder in Pasta. This is necessary for proper cooking." I don't know what appalls me more: the fact that they capitalized "Pasta" for no apparent reason, or the fact that it contains an ambiguous white powder that acts as a cooking catalyst. What exactly could that substance be and who exactly is editing their directions?).

When talking to Bert on the phone tonight, our 4 year old said she liked the new macaroni and cheese better because it's "thinner, shorter, and straighter." Can't argue with that. The homemade macaroni and cheese that she passed up is indeed thicker, longer, and curvier:
It also tastes better. Both my 18 month-old and I cleaned our plates. Although maybe that's not saying a whole lot since my 18 month-old is content to eat dry macaroni straight from the box.

The Afternoon (Dish) Traffic Report (brought to you by Kraft. When you consume their Easy Mac you don't dirty many dishes):
2:00pm. To quote my daughter, "It's working out better as we're moving along." True.


amydear said...

I find this post very interesting, since I was just thinking about your homemade macaroni and cheese the other day, having myself made a most excellent batch. You brought us some once. I was thinking how great it is that someone else regularly makes homemade mac and cheese. I'm going more vegetarian all the time. You should post some of your fam's favorite meals.

Kiki said...

I grew up on this stuff...Kraft, I mean....I dislike the taste intensely as an adult. My mother in law makes an amazing homemade mac and cheese, she makes it only on special occasions!!!

Mary Poppins said...

amydear--i'm glad my mac and cheese was memorable (in a good way). If only my oldest daughter could understand.

kiki--well, you seemed to have turned out OK on the Kraft stuff so I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much.