Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mystery Solved

A couple of days ago Una had just completed a puzzle in her room and some of the pieces were wet. Upon investigation I couldn't determine the source of the liquid. When I asked her about it she pled not guilty and she genuinely seemed as perplexed as I.

Today Duet escaped upstairs. When I ran after her a few moments later I solved the mystery of the wet puzzle pieces.

She was dunking them in the toilet like they were oreos in a giant glass of milk.

I wonder what else has been dunked lately...

sugar situation: yesterday I ate (I'll be really honest about this) 2 tiny cinnamon-sugar doughnuts. They were really small though. Way smaller than your average doughnut. So I decided that 2 really counted as one average doughnut. If you do not agree, I do not care.

P.S. I had a L-O-N-G conversation with Mrs. Furious today about my next challenge. This is going to be big and I'm posting about it tomorrow afternoon before I leave for vacation. You do not want to miss out.

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