Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week one: Mary Poppins 4, Ellipical 0

I realize it's a bit premature to don a flight suit and start traipsing around an aircraft carrier in front of a sign that says "Mission Accomplished," but I'm feeling pretty good about how things went last week. Turns out, I like the sweet taste of success. If I want to keep tasting that success, however, I need to be realistic about what of sort of mission I can actually accomplish this week. Currently we have 2 sick people in the Poppins household, birthdays that must be celebrated on Monday and Tuesday, and a crazier than usual work schedule. I am determined to overcome what could be the perfect storm for derailing my workout plans. So in the spirit of keeping it simple and doable, I'm committing to continue with my previous plan to complete four 30-minute workout sessions this week. Only after a repeat performance of last week's success will I declare "Mission Accomplished."


Dodge Party said...

Sick? Who's sick? It was so fun to see you guys yesterday and have the little ones play at my house for a bit. They are so cute and I totally love spending time with you guys. Happy birthday to both birthday people this week! I'll see you later on tonight and good luck with your mission. Maybe one day I will grab ahold of your motivation and get going!

Mrs Furious said...

doable is key

Mary Poppins said...

dodge party--the littlest one had a cold this weekend but is on the mend. she's more cranky than any thing at this point. bert has been down with the same cold. we loved our outing to your place. next time i'm on the elliptical, i'll call you and we can chat while working out together. it's my new favorite motivator.

mrs furious--amen.