Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unanticipated Consequences

Fact: Mary Poppins has a master's degree in political science.
Fact: In political science we talk a fair amount about unanticipated consequences of policies and programs.
Fact: The following picture perfectly illustrates one unanticipated consequence of keeping the top of my dishwasher void of clutter.
Fact: The giant candy bowl has now been moved to a more secure location.


Mrs Furious said...

Oh gosh... she is getting so much bigger!!!

Mary Poppins said...

mrs f--it seems like only yesterday she was a babe crawling around on my not-so-clean floor and now she's climbing on unsteady chairs and helping herself to lollipops (not the saf-t-pops variety, mind you).
talk about an ideal childhood!

Suzy said...

What can you say, really? It's adorable. Like when my daughter swears and I laugh. I know I should be saying, "no, no", but I can't help it.

Katie said...

Well, at least it was an accident that she had that candy. Yesterday I took Eden with me while I had my hair cut by a really cool lady (with short hot pink hair and super modern house she built and that Dwell wants to put in their mag.) Anyways....so to keep Eden happy I brought her a twix bar. She was happy until it was gone...he he he. But, she knows exactly which cupboard has the tub of candy, and she gets some...daily

Mary Poppins said...

suzy--too true. it's impossible not to laugh at that. i'm horrible at trying to maintain a straight face.

katie--glad to know i'm in good company with the candy issue. by the way, i want to visit your hairstylist.

Dodge Party said...

Awesome! That's my kind of girl.