Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And the Winner is...

I think it's about time that I reclaimed the elliptical machine. Please pardon this picture; it is such a cliche. Honestly, I could be the poster child for some "Americans are so lazy" campaign. I did manage to get in one great workout last Thurs (burned 500 calories, according to the elliptical's screen), but that was only because I was on the phone with Mrs. Furious the entire time and I wasn't bored out of my mind chugging along on the machine. That was also 5 days ago, folks. I should be doing better than this. But, rather than beating myself up over it, in the spirit of this blog I'm accepting that there's room for improvement and overcoming my urge to be physically inactive.
I see two options:
1. Enlist friends to chat with me on the phone or better yet, visit with me in person in my dingy, cluttered basement each time I workout (come on, you'd love to volunteer for this job, wouldn't you?); or
2. Suck it up and get that flat butt of mine on the elliptical machine (you read that right folks, I didn't say f-a-t butt, I did indeed say f-l-a-t butt. My butt is, and always has been, abnormally flat).
There's actually a third option:
3. Not change my current situation, but I'm knocking on 30's door and rumor has it, your metabolism starts to slow down at some point.
So, I'm breaking it down Mary Poppins-style (I don't even know what that means, I just had fun writing that phrase). The goal here is to increase my cardio activity so that I can be healthier. Right here and now I'm committing to do 4 workout sessions on the elliptical per week. Since I'm a cardio novice, if you will, I'm starting out with 30 min per workout session. Starting now. Ready, set, go! And I'm off... right after I stop by the freezer to eat a bite of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food. Light ice cream, folks. That means it's practically health food.
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Mrs Furious said...

"So, I'm breaking it down Mary Poppins style (I don't even know what that means, I just had fun writing that phrase)."

good one... I might have to start "breaking it down Mary Poppins style" my own self

funny post I'll be linking over to it tomorrow

Mary Poppins said...

Looking forward to it. If anyone can break it down MP style, it's Mrs. F herself.

Robin said...

I found you through Mrs. F. I'll be checking in regularly. Anyone cool enough to be friends with Mrs. F in real life must be pretty fun!

Suzy said...

I wish I had a flat butt without even trying!! (Clicked over from Mrs. F...good luck on the cardio workouts this week!!)

Mary Poppins said...

Robin--I'm blessed indeed to have her as a friend. She brings out the fun in everyone. Thanks for joining in.
Suzy--You don't need to wish for it. Trust me, it's not the good kind of flat.