Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Breaking it down Mary Poppins-style"

For those of you long time readers, you may remember that two days ago I coined the phrase "breaking it down Mary Poppins-style." At the time I freely admitted that I didn't know the meaning of that phrase; but I have enjoyed writing it, reading it, and conjecturing the meaning of it with Mrs. Furious in the comments section. What? You're not reading the comments?!?! Check them out for even more Mary Poppins (and I might add, Mrs. F) entertainment.

Back to the phrase. I'm enjoying it and have decided I'll continue to use it but in order to do so, I must first define it.

Breaking it down Mary Poppins-style: The act of clearly and directly expressing 1. wisdom, 2. a sentiment or idea (usually positive in nature), 3. an astute observation. Often used as a precursor to an important declaration.

Admittedly, it's a working definition. Let's open this up wikipedia-style. Now's your chance to make Mary Poppins history. Comment below to contribute to the definition. What does "Breaking it down Mary Poppins-style" mean to you?

And for the big question (I know you're in suspense) : did I continue my workout trend (a trend that up to this point has only lasted one day)? Let me just say this: last night the 10:00 hour found me cruising along on the elliptical for 30 minutes wearing that giant blue sports bra (you know the one; if you don't read the post--and comments--below), blue (but not "giant sports bra blue") athletic shorts, black socks and running shoes (I had worn the socks all day because I was wearing black shoes yesterday. Let me tell you, black socks go with black shoes, but not so well with running shoes). I was hot. Enjoy that mental image. My gift to you is that I did not place an actual photographic image of that scene on the blog. A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you're content with fewer than a thousand. Far fewer.


Katie said...

Yo Mary,
You know me..I AM the glass half full...yeah right! It really was a miracle. And yes, Matt did really fall asleep, for a while on the train, for the first time ever. When I called to see why he wasn't with me, I woke him up. Too bad I don't have a secret chalk world that I could send my kids to when I need them away. Or better yet, some random handy man that could take them on an outing in dirty, dangerous places. You are so lucky.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh yes I've seen those black socks in action... and it is indeed HOT! Almost as hot as I am when I wear my hot pink sports bra (no shirt), shorts, brown dress socks and white sneakers to hit my treadmill... now that is something to behold... and sadly my neighbors do on a daily (okay semi-daily) basis.

Dodge Party said...

LOL, what a beautiful image! I have no doubt that you looked as hot as could be. Did the hubby at least get to see it? Workouts are the perfect time to actually not care for once what we look like, that is only the safety of your own home. Otherwise I sure do get all dressed up to go to the gym. Makeup and all. Pathetic isn't it?

Mary Poppins said...

katie--it's truly a charmed life i lead. chalk picture adventures, london rooftops, it doesn't get any better than that.

mrs. f--there are no luckier neighbors on the planet. have a great time with your mom.

dodge party--come join me in my basement. perhaps we can find some matching workout attire and drive all the boys wild. no makeup required.