Friday, September 26, 2008

Make it happen, Cap'n!

Something's been brewing for months--months I tell you--and tonight is the night that it's finally going to happen. I'm titillated beyond belief and the anticipation is just about killing me. Earlier this week there were signs that the plans might fall through for tonight and I was faced with bitter disappointment. Crushed like a girl who didn't get a date for the prom (and I know from firsthand experience what that feels like). For a few days there, I had resigned myself to just make other plans for Friday night and hope that things would work out better in the future. It's been one emotional roller coaster ride, I tell you. The ups and downs were almost too much to take. Thankfully this afternoon while I obsessively checked the Internet scanning for news about tonight's function I came across this ray of sunshine:
McCain Decides to Participate in Debate
The source? Totally legitimate. The New York Times. The presidential debate is on.
Do you hear that? It's the sound of me letting out an audible sigh of relief. You know where I'll be from 9:00-10:30 tonight. Sitting on either my hand-me-down couch or my broken Ikea Poang chair staring at the fuzzy TV screen (we like to kick it old school here at the Poppins household and use an antenna) only getting up to use the bathroom (this is inevitable since I've given birth to two children). I might even make some popcorn to honor the special occasion. This is no ordinary Friday night. In retrospect, my excitement over things like the presidential debate probably explains the prom date situation.

What does this have to do with my Friday workout? I usually workout after 9:00pm when I get free cell phone minutes (if that last sentence doesn't make any sense to you, read my post from Wednesday titled "a spoonful of sugar"). Without my cell phone, it may not be an entertaining 40 minutes on the elliptical, but I'm going to have to (in the words of Darryl from The Office) "Make it happen, Cap'n." It's a change I'm willing to make today in order to watch the presidential debates. A change I can believe in.


Dodge Party said...

Only you would leave a comment like this. I should have known. How funny would it have been if I called you right in the middle of it? I would have loved to hear your voice being so annoyed that I interrupted the debate. JK. If you missed any points don't worry, Kenna has it recorded. LOL

Steve and Kenna said...

We watched it after everyone left our house last night. If you need a second screening come on over we always watch it more then once. We even still have both the R & D conventions recoded and Steve plays them for everyone who says they did not see them. Yes we are dorks also.

Mary Poppins said...

dodge party--thanks for letting the phone remain silent. you missed out.

kenna--apparently, we'll have to work together to get dodge party to watch it at your place. glad to know i'm not alone in the dork department.