Friday, December 5, 2008

Narrow Escape

Bert's out of town again and will thankfully be coming home tonight. Since Duet is such an active child (I was about to write unpredictable, but that's not true. I can always predict correctly that she will use her seemingly endless energy to climb onto chairs, tables and every other surface that can possibly be scaled), I cannot leave her alone for the few minutes that it takes me to shower. Consequently if I feel the need to shower while Bert is away, I find myself with a bathing buddy. Unfortunately Duet doesn't really like the shower, but if I stop up the drain, let her play with toys at the opposite end of the tub, and keep her directly out of the stream she usually manages.
This morning I found my self showering with Duet playing at my feet. Halfway through my shower I heard her say "pahwy" (Duet-speak for "potty") and at first I dismissed her request. I should be clear that she's only 20 months old and we're not yet potty-training in earnest. She has this obsession with the toilet lately that can only be described as inconvenient. Placing the toddler toilet seat onto the adult toilet and then climbing upon said toilet seat and then promptly climbing down is a spectacular activity according to my child with the propensity to climb (see above). I wasn't in the mood to play this scale the toilet game mid-shower but after persistent requests, I placed her atop her "pahwy." As predicted, she lost interest after a few moments and then started clamboring to get back in the "bah" (Duet-speak for "bath") with me. As I picked her up to bring her back into the bath, I caught a glimpse inside the toilet bowl and let me just say that I was thrilled to have obliged her this particular "pahwy" request. Although I don't love having one bathing buddy, I would have absolutely hated to have 2 bathing buddies today, particularly of this variety.


Denise Eskelson said...

oh come on now, a little extra "coloring" in your shower won't hurt too bad. :) That's exciting that she told you! Yeah for the Poppins household. any advice on getting a 4 1/2 year old to do the same trick?

Mrs Furious said...

Baby went pee on the potty today... I'm desperately trying to upload the pics!

Mary Poppins said...

denise--oh, i don't mind a little yellow, but this was brown. that i cannot handle.

mrs f--can we really be kissing those diapers good-bye sometime in the near future? the thought makes me giddy