Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If You Build It, They Will Come

So I'm not exactly talking about plowing over my cornfield on my Iowa farm and erecting a baseball diamond in its stead. But just as Kevin Costner took a leap of faith in "Field of Dreams," so did Mary Poppins in this Christmas service challenge. Did my man Kevin know that throngs of baseball fans would appear if he built the field of dreams? No, but James Earl Jones and others had faith that they would come.
I started this last challenge in a very un-Mary-like way. Instead of having a set plan to accomplish the service each day, I just held on to the hope that opportunities would arise. And they have arisen, my friends. Take yesterday for example, when I spontaneously had the chance to babysit a neighbor child while her parents prepared the house for their move next week. There was also the phone call that I got from a different neighbor who needed help clearing some things out of her basement. Done and done. That's two in one day.
Today I picked up an item for my neigbor with the broken foot while I was out running errands. Tomorrow I was supposed to babysit for another neighbor who had surgery today, but poor Duet came down with a nasty virus so we're quarantined for the day. Normally I might be a bit concerned that I don't have a service plan for tomorrow, but I'm optimistic that something will manifest itself. I'm giddy with anticipation just thinking about the prospect.
Reading over this, I'm realizing that I live in a pretty needy hood. I guess the moral is you should all be grateful you're not my neighbor since there's some pretty crazy stuff going on right now: broken apendages, international relocations, surgeries, etc. Maybe I'm living in an unlucky location. If only I knew more about Feng Shui, maybe I could turn this place around.

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