Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Did you hear that? That loud exhale? That's me breathing an audible sigh of relief now that last week is finally over. I ended up working 30 hours last week because we had some extra events going on at work. In addition to that, Bert was out of town for part of the week which always makes things trickier.
So here we are and it's already the 7th of December. The 7th! My tree is up, the presents have been purchased, and you know I've been listening to all kinds of Christmas music, but with all of the running around last week, things still don't seem adequately (for lack of a better, more specific, genuine term) Christmas-y around here.
This week promises to be less busy, giving me more time to get into and enjoy the Christmas spirit. But I think there's another component I need to add as well in order to produce more Christmas cheer. For my next challenge, I'm going to do one act of service each day to both feel and spread the Christmas love. At this point I don't really have a specific plan, but I'm sure that if I keep my eyes open, I'll find little ways to help others over the next couple of weeks. As usual, I'll keep posting about it. My ultimate wish is that by incorporating a little random act of kindness into my day, both my kids and I will experience more of the true Christmas spirit. Instead of making it all about Mary, I'll be making others merry.


Steve and Kenna said...

This is a great thing to do. We need to have more Christmas Cheer at our house.

amydear said...

Wish I lived closer so that I could benefit from your wit and wisdom. But not close enough to deal with the weather. : )

Mary Poppins said...

kenna--i'm on it. maybe mary will help make you merry.

amydear--oh, you can benefit from my wit and wisdom even across the miles.