Saturday, December 6, 2008

Court OKs Diaper Evidence at Ex-Astronaut's Trial

How's that for a headline? It actually appeared in the New York Times today (where else? You know how I love the New York Times).

Do you remember the news surrounding that crazy astronaut love triangle a couple of years ago? Two female astronauts were after the same male astronaut and the one became so obsessed and threatened that she drove from Houston to Orlando to allegedly kidnap her competition. She made the 1,000ish mile journey rather quickly, ostensibly with the aid of adult diapers. You really minimize the time wasted at those rest stops when you are only refueling your vehicle and not utilizing the restroom. Kudos, diapers. Personally, I've never considered that tactic, but I guess if you're really hard-pressed for time (say you just can't waste the 5 minutes it would take to actually use a toilet), diapers just might save the day.

In reality, although it seems so absurd, it's actually a scary story. Imagine some crazed individual driving half way across the country at near record speed in an attempt to kidnap you. I certainly wouldn't wish that scenario on my worst enemy. But somehow with adult diapers as an integral part of both the story and news headline, the whole situation sounds more like something out of a sitcom, and not a quarrel between lady astronauts.

Core completed? Yes. Although I'm tired of waiting to see some drastic results in the flexibility department. Looks like I need this program as an exercise in patience as well.

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