Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just When I Thought I'd Failed...

Edited to add this:
Beware--the following post is the lamest one I've ever written. Of course I would happen to post it on the day the announcement was made that my entry was picked to be in the humorous blog book that's being published to benefit Nie Nie. This is the kind of impeccable timing I'm known for. I can assure you that although this post is a total snoozer, my entry was funny.

You want funny?
Go here to read about the inspiration for this year's Christmas card photo and then here to see how amazing my family and I look dressed in tin foil. Yes, you read that right. Tin foil.
Or here to learn how with one 3-word sentence I successfully managed to make my daughter terrified of her father and his professional skills.
Or here to discover why you would never want to take me anywhere in public, particularly to the Special Olympics, or any other place where I might encounter someone who's differently-abled.

That's enough for one day. No need to read below this dotted line. It's really not worth anyone's time.
At around 5:00 this afternoon I was lamenting the fact that I hadn't yet done my service for the day. My house was in shambles (and still is--that's why this post is so short), I hadn't done my workout or the Core Program as I'd hoped to, and I hadn't left the house except to pick Una up from preschool and take Duet for a walk. I was feeling like a bit of a loser until I realized the reason for my lack of accomplishments today. I hadn't done anything on my list because I'd spent the day focusing on Duet.
Poor Duet has been sick and more demanding than usual. However, she hasn't been demanding in an annoying way. My child who typically climbs her way through the day, spent a good part of the afternoon snuggling with me on my lap reading books. It was a treat to be able to actually sit still with her and spend some one-on-one time together while Una was at preschool. After reading, I took her on a long walk in her stroller so she could get some much needed fresh air. It was during said walk that I realized that although I hadn't managed to accomplish my workout goal or the Core Program, I had indeed spent the whole day in service.
I often forget that service doesn't always have to benefit those living outside of my home. There are plenty of service opportunities within my own family. No one needed my help more than Duet today. And I'm glad I was there to give her what she needed.

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