Friday, November 28, 2008

The Best Traditional Post-Thanksgiving Activity

Instead of shopping on this Black Friday, I participated in my favorite activity of all time: napping. Yesterday we had a terrific Thanksgiving dinner with the Furious family and ended up staying out past Una and Duet's bedtime. I figured they'd fall asleep in the car. I figured wrong. After going to bed at nearly 9:00pm (normal bedtime 7:00pm), Duet managed to still get up at 5:15am. I was up with her for a couple of hours before handing her off to Bert. I then slept from 7:30am-11:00am. It was heaven. It wasn't a post-Turkey tryptophan-induced nap per se, but it was delightful none the less.
We also managed to decorate our place for Christmas and talk Una out of asking Santa for "a big pink and purple quilt because I'm afraid I'll outgrow the quilt I have now." I knew there wasn't any way that "Santa" would be able to whip that up in less than a month. Thankfully we successfully reassured her that her quilt is still big enough to cover her body and it's not time to move up yet.
Finally, here are some Thanksgiving pictures for your enjoyment. Kid Furious and Una ran around entertaining themselves the entire time we were there. No, it's not an action shot, but look at how cute they are. P.S. Una's wearing pajamas, not because we're ghetto and don't know how to dress for the occasion, but because we took the photo right before we were about to leave and as I mentioned earlier I was hoping she'd sleep in the car.Baby Furious and Duet tried to keep up with the big girls. And this is the best group shot we could muster. So not everyone's looking great, but it's nigh impossible to get this many kids facing in the same direction, let alone smilingBert thankfully did most of the parenting so that I could spend time with Mrs. F. (no picture of that, sorry). Thanks for hosting us, Furious family. We had a spectacular time! I'm so sorry some of you ended up sick (apparently we leave nothing but devastation in our wake).


Angie said...

Sounds like a fun thanksgiving. I'm sorry that Duet still got up so early. That's definitely not fun. How nice of Bert though to watch the kids so you could some furious time and while you could take a nap. What a sweetheart!

Mary Poppins said...

angie--sweetheart indeed. hope your meal turned out and that work went well.

Kiki said...

So sweet, you and Mrs.F with all the kiddos...I think the pic is spectacular!!! So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

katieo said...

Oh what a fun picture!
My parents are in Northville, I WISH we could have come home this year and we could've met you guys!

Go Bert. Aaron did the majority of parenting this weekend as well. That's mostly a good thing.

I heart helpful husbands. Hahaha...just kidding

Mary Poppins said...

kiki--i hope your thanksgiving was spectacular and that you survived all of the black friday madness. (i'm guessing that as an employee of the gap, it's a busy day for you.)

katieo--i had no idea that you had ties to our neck of the woods. hooray for aaron being home this weekend. helpful husbands are the best. i totally agree.