Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everything Must Go!

OK, technically not everything. But I am getting rid of excess stuff. That's a major part of what the de-cluttering portion of the compact is all about. However, deciding what stays and what goes is, like most things in life (losing 5 lbs, completing the New York Times crossword puzzle, correctly pronouncing the word "nuclear"--OK maybe that last one only applies if your last name is Bush or Palin), easier said than done. To guide me through the process I ask myself the following questions: Do I need it? Do I have another item that fulfills the same function? Do I have room for it? "Do I already have enough of this or a similar item?"
Sometimes though you've been hanging onto something for so long that you don't even notice it anymore and you certainly don't look at it objectively. In this circumstance, these questions alone aren't enough to encourage you to part with it. Sometimes you need an extra nudge from an uninvolved third party.

Witness the item:

And here's the back view:

Now for the story:
A friend handed this down to me because she already had 2. That was in 1998. Let me repeat that: this was a hand-me-down back in 1998. Who knows how old it really is. Truthfully, I've never given much thought to the shirt or its age. It's just become a staple in my drawer, one that's held up really well over the years (major props to The Gap) and has had the extraordinary ability to stretch over my gigantic belly during 2 pregnancies and still retain its shape. I never objectively thought about whether I liked it or not. It just existed. My feelings were Swiss-like (neutral). But the shirt was abruptly brought to the forefront of my consciousness one day a few months back when I had an encounter with an uninvolved third party. I ran into a woman I know who asked me "Is that from The Gap?" When I confirmed, she said "I used to have that shirt. In Junior High."
Later that night Bert confessed he wasn't a fan of the shirt either. Even after being confronted with the fact that the shirt was from the era when Beverly Hills 90210 was not a remake and The New Kids On The Block were actually new, I was still neutral about the shirt. So it stayed. Until I de-cluttered today. It's the end of an era.

And as a sugar situation follow-up to yesterday's post, I did make it to both Godiva and Cold Stone today. Duet and I went to Godiva while Una was at preschool. Duet woke up early from her nap. Normally I would have been irritated, but today I was thrilled since it meant I could make it there before free truffle hour was over. The nice lady at Godiva gave us each one and Duet shoved the entire thing in her mouth. One finger sweep later, I was able to retrieve it and save her from chocolate-induced suffucation. When she'd finished hers, she started clamboring for mine. I managed to keep it out of her chocolate covered fingers, however, and it currently is awaiting its consumption on a later date while sitting on the counter next to 2 left-over brownies. After picking Una up from preschool, we headed out to Cold Stone where we each got a plate of ice cream cake and pie samples (chocolate mint ice cream with red velvet cake, caramel gingerbread cookie ice cream with yellow cake, and cookie dough ice cream pie). And since it was dinner time (and I'm a nice mom), I let that count as our dinner tonight. We were 3 happy girls, that's for sure.


Angie said...

I so wish I hadn't been too tired to go with you tonight. That sounds delectable! What an awessome dinner for the kids too. I bet they were in Heaven. How funny that Duet shoved the whole thing in her mouth. What a doll. I can totally see her doing that. As for the shirt....I must say that it should go. Although, I Have had shirts and what not that I haven't wanted to get rid of. Oh well. If you need a shoulder to cry on about it let me know! Oh and when are the blog awards announced?

amydear said...

Congrats on getting rid of the shirt. I shed myself of my last high school item when we moved. And I graduated in 1995. That's saying something. : )

Mrs Furious said...

" "I used to have that shirt. In Junior High." "
That is hilarious.
Yeah it's time to let it go. ;)

Mary Poppins said...

angie--the finalists will be announced some time in dec, i think. i'll keep you posted.

amydear--so i'm not the only one hanging on to things longer than is necessary. i guess i'm in good company.

mrs f--it's gone baby gone.

Kiki said...

okay, I remember that shirt because I had it in the black and gray...I've been with gap for 20 years, I have it all catalogued in my's sad, I'm pathetic!

Mary Poppins said...

kiki--you're not the pathetic one. you probably had the good sense to ditch that shirt long ago. are you surprised that this shirt is still in circulation? do i get a spot in the gap hall of fame?

Aubrey said...

Did you have that shirt in Montreal? It looks awfully familiar. Awfully. :)

Mary Poppins said...

that's the one. that shirt's been around.