Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dos and Don'ts

After 1 week of following the Core Program, I've detailed a handy list of Dos and Don'ts for everyone out there who loves to follow in my footsteps.

Do: Laugh hysterically each time you do exercise 2 and question the effectiveness of such a move.

Don't: Laugh hysterically if you haven't first utilized the restroom. Although you've been doing the exercise known as the Three-Part Pelvic Stabilizer for 4 days now, that doesn't make up for the fact that you've already had 2 children and it will likely take you years of pelvic stabilizing exercises before you can comfortably laugh in public (or private) with a full bladder.

Do: Use a yoga mat when performing these exercises.

Don't: Try to get away with using your bed in lieu of a yoga mat. I don't care how much lumbar support your mattress boasts, it's still not supportive enough. You'll end up prostrate with your face buried deep into the blankets as you struggle to lift the weight of your body out of the hammock that your mattress has suddenly become. You will become frustrated and this is not how you want to feel in the bedroom. See this for a gentle reminder of that fact.

Do: Tell your yoga-loving 4 year old that these exercises are really "yoga moves" so she'll be encouraged to participate (and laugh) alongside you.

Don't: Try any of these "yoga moves" when your 20 month old is wandering around the house. It's a less effective way to complete the Core Program.Good luck and happy exercising!


Angie said...

thanks for the advice! I'll have to keep all of that in mind if I ever decide to do the core program. I totally love the tongue exercise. I wonder if all of the rockers practice that one and that's why they can all stick their tongues out so far? Hmmmm. I love that Duet came and sat on your leg. The best part about it is her innocent looking face not knowing that she is impeding your workout. What a cutie. How fun that Una is doing the exercises with you too. Fun bonding time.

amydear said...

I always count it as an extra crunch when Kara comes and plops herself down right on my belly as I'm trying to do abs or pilates. And then she commences bouncing. Did I mention that she weighs 27 pounds. Rock hard abs, you betcha! I love Duet's gorgeous blond hair!

Mary Poppins said...

angie--hilarious. i'm certain gene simmons invented the tongue stretch.

amydear--i like your creative math for crunch counting. i may have to borrow that. about duet's hair, it's kind of a mullet and i'm not sure what to do about it. una was bald till she was 2, and when it finally grew in we didn't have any mullet issues. i'm hesitant to cut duet's hair, but i'm afraid that's the only way to handle the current mullet situation.