Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I couldn't sleep last night, I was so excited. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve and, unlike the year I found out that Santa wasn't real, there were no disappointments when I woke up this morning. I've been wearing a smile all day long and I don't intend to stop any time soon. I'm giddy with excitement and pride, and so full of positive emotions right now. I'll try my best to write my thoughts, but I fear they won't be too articulate for I don't even know where to begin.

We started the day out by making Obama cupcakes so we'd be ready for our inauguration party. Look out Martha Stewart, you've got a some competition from a political nerd.Duet took an early nap, so she was in her crib for the oath and inaugural address. Perfect. Amazingly, Una watched the entire thing with me. Being able to eat cupcakes and ice cream in front of the TV, definitely helped to keep her happy.
What a powerful event. The excitement from the crowd as conveyed through the television was electric. I wish I'd been there, but my schedule wouldn't allow it.

Something amazing and historical happened today. We, for the first time have an African American president. Without downplaying how significant that fact is, I feel that Barack Obama is so much more than just that. I truly feel that he is a good man and a wise leader. I haven't felt that way about any president or candidate before. And I must admit, it feels incredible to have a leader in whom I have confidence, respect, and admiration. Call me idealistic, but there's something different about this man. He is outstanding and capable and I'm full of hope that he can bring our country together and get us on the right path again.

Earlier this week I was in a meeting about teacher training. One of the speakers stated that exceptional teachers do two things: teach their students who they are, and give them hope. I thought Obama's inaugural address did just that. He reminded us that we are a nation of diverse individuals founded upon the ommon principles of "honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism." He spoke of our current difficult times as well as some difficult moments in our history and then offered hope by reminding us that we are strong and have overcome so much and declaring that we can do it again.

He called upon us to be hard working and responsible and pledged that he will be the same. His history has already shown that he has been. He is effectively leading by example. Although there were somber moments in his speech, there was not a sense of despair, but one of hope. We are Americans and we can get through this. He'll lead us through. I've never felt prouder of my country or more patriotic than I felt today. I shed a few tears of joy throughout the proceedings.

Now it's nearly midnight and I've been watching inaugural news for the better part of the day. It's time I moved on to tomorrow. The beauty is, when I wake up he'll still be our president. I'll probably still pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming.

By the way, did you see their first dance at the Neighborhood Ball where they were serenaded by Beyonce? Even through the fuzzy reception I get on my TV, I could see and sense the emotion. And I got teary eyed, again.


Angie said...

LOL, I didn't see the dance, but I wanted to. I love that you got teary eyed through it. I was laughing at the poeple they showed on tv who were crying. But hey! I love that people are getting behind their president and are excited about it. I say that no matter who you voted for it's time to get behind the president and act united (hence the term UNITED STATES). How fun that Una watched the whole thing with you. Maybe she will be a political science surgeon. How cool would that be?

Mary Poppins said...

angie--ha! a political science surgeon. so perfect. i agree, it's time to be united.

amydear said...

I'm glad you had a happy day! We were in the midst of a stomach flu attack on all fronts, so I missed most of the festivities. I had the presence of mind to turn on the TV once, but only saw the parade. Are you at all worried about the $800 billion bailout? Please advise. : ) I'm using you as my Democratic liaison. Do you mind?

Mary Poppins said...

amydear-i didn't see your comment until just now. so sorry you guys have been sick.
am i worried about the bailout? yes, but i'm more worried about what will happen if the bailout doesn't go into effect. typically during a recession, the fed cuts interest rates, but they've already done that as much as they can. the only policy option the fed has now is to create an economic stimulus. i, like everyone else, am wishing it didn't come to this, but there have been too many financial mistakes made over the last few months (some of the mistakes have been going on longer than that), and not acting now would be an even worse mistake (in my opinion). the downward spiral must be stopped. unfortunately, the first 350 billion dollar installment of TARP was horribly mismanaged by paulson, so i can see why some are reluctant to throw even more money into a bailout. i'm hoping that obama's economic advisors have learned from those mistakes and will move forward more effectively.